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buy property in istanbul.

تقييم واراء العملاء في خدماتنا

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افتراضي buy property in istanbul.

buy property in istanbul

Advantages :
  • The project is immediately ready for housing, with a first down payment of 40% and an installment up to 24 months or you can get 10% discount for cash payments
  • The dynamic location of the project in Beylikdüzü, near the E5 motorway makes it very distinctive
  • Integrated leisure facilities with high quality materials and large green spaces
  • Beylikdüzü area is considered with high return on investment, representing the modern center of Istanbul

  • In Istanbul, the European sector, and at area of ​​“Beylikdüzü”, this project has been constructed. It consists of 7 buildings, built on a total area of ​​28,000 m2, comprising 477 apartments and is ready for immediate housing.
  • The distinctive location of the project, being near the highway E5, which is the artery of Istanbul and passes through the most important means of transport is the Metrorbus, which makes it easy to reach the center of Istanbul at any time of the day just in half an hour, and this road also embraces a lot of universities, schools and service and health centers. Apart from closest of the famous Marmara Park Mall to the project and this mall embraces hundreds of international brands and you can secure anything you may need directly
  • The materials used to build the project is if high quality and the project includes hundreds of beautiful touches, you must pay a visit to be sure of this beauty yourself
Services :
  • Reception service
  • Security around the clock
  • Technical services
  • Parking
  • Fitness room
  • Sauna
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Shared courtyards decorated with green plants
  • Close to transportation
  • Close to the E5 motorway
  • Close to commercial centers
  • Close to educational and service centers
  • Close to health centers
  • Access to Ataturk Airport is facilitated by the E5
  • Access to Istanbul's new airport is also easily available
  • Installment up to 60 months with immediate ownership
  • The project is immediately ready for housing
Please do not hesitate to contact us by writing your information below to contact your real estate consultant directly

Contact Us
Yakuplu Mah. Hürriyet Bulv. No:1 Skyport Residence Daire:218 Kat:28 Beylikdüzü / ؤ°STANBUL
Phone: +90 212 876 64 67

buy property in istanbul>


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